The 1848 Town Hall and this Civil War-era one-room school were nearly identical in size and appearance. The actual Town Hall was built about 100 yards from this site, because the intersection of Wattles Road and Livernois was the geographic center of the township and equally accessible to all residents. Troy Union School was built on Square Lake Road east of Rochester Road. The original Town Hall was demolished when the slate-roofed Township Hall was built in 1927. The Troy Historical Society acquired the building in 1987, moved it to the Village and repurposed it as Town Hall.

Like many buildings, Town Hall has had many uses. It was built sometime between 1857 and 1872 as Troy Union School at the intersection of Atkins and Square Lakes Roads. After 1932 it became a private residence.

Robert and Isabelle Moser donated the small building to the City on June 3, 1987. It was moved to the Village that same year.

Many volunteers including boy scouts assisted in the restoration. Because the building resembled Troy’s first Town Hall and Poppleton School had been previously moved to the Village, it was determined to furnish the old school house as Town Hall.

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