Dear Villager:

You can’t plow a field by turning it over in your mind.

What a great proverb! It’s a simple reminder that it takes action to turn an idea into reality. Villagers like you have done great work to preserve our centuries-old buildings and implement education programs that connect kids and grown-ups with local and American history. Your generous volunteer service – over 8,000 hours each year– keeps your Troy Historic Village open, accessible, and vibrant for thousands of visitors. Your financial support sustains our outreach, purchases supplies and technology, and seeds new ideas that grow into great events and exhibits.

Comparing the Village to a carefully tended field is appropriate. Villagers work hard to create a welcoming environment for our visitors. Recently volunteers from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) reseeded our lawn to ensure that the Village will be lush and green this summer. With the help of FCA Group we will gather on that grass during three free Summer Sundays, weekday programs, weddings and evening yoga and Tai Chi classes.   

We deeply appreciate your commitment to our shared vision and your continued financial support. Your financial gift is a seed that will provide a most important harvest – a life-long appreciation of history in our community. Thank you to all our volunteers, patrons and donors who continue to “plant seeds” that help your Village grow. If you are not a member or your membership is about to expire, you can update your status by clicking here. You can also donate online by filling out the online form below or use the attached form link. Thank you from all of us at the Village and on the Board of Directors for “planting the seeds” necessary to build your village.

Judy Iceman

Loraine Campbell
Executive Director


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