Did you know? Thomas Jefferson believed that Americans should examine and rewrite the U.S. Constitution to fit their needs every two decades! If you could scrap these parchment pages and redraft the text, what elements would you include, amend or leave out entirely?  Utilizing the Socratic Method of inquiry and discussion, you have the chance to be like our Founding Fathers each month as we look at the Constitution, from the preamble to the articles to the amendments, engaging in civil discourse to ‘create’ a new Constitution.

Constitution Cafés are FREE to attend. Students, adults and seniors are welcome. Programs take place on the second Sunday of each month at 2:00 pm (except for holidays). Come every time we meet or just drop in when you can!

Sponsored by the Oakland County Bar Foundation 

Upcoming programs:

October 14: Freedom of Speech

November 11: The Establishment and Free Exercise of Religion

December 9: Freedom to Assemble and the Redressing of Grievances

January 13: Declarations of War and Treason! Art. 1, § 8, Cl. 11 and Art. 3, § 3, Cls. 1 & 2

February 10: Funding Government, Taxation and the 16th Amendment

March 10: Madison’s lost idea: The Virginia Plan and the National Veto

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