Engage your classroom with historical context and THV presenters! We meet many Michigan Citizenship Collaborative Curriculum (MC3) benchmarks and GLCE’s. We welcome everyone to make use of our facility, and look for ways to accommodate many types of learners. Schedule your field trip for these age-appropriate activities for the most rewarding educational experience. We strongly encourage teachers to match guidelines for grade, number of students and chaperones, and length of program. Homeschool groups of ten or more students are also invited to find and register for programs based on age suggestions.

NEW! Pre-K and K

Cheddar Measure: Prepare to meet Cheddar Mouse, THV mascot, and learn about some ways to keep track of time, count volume, and length. Small group, center-based learning also needs leader/chaperone guidance. Program duration 45-55 minutes; intended for 10-18 pre-K or 16-29 K students; 4-5 adults needed to supervise; more adults welcome; $6.50/person; offered January to June only.

Cheddar’s History Trunk: Adventure back in time with Cheddar the Village Mouse; learn vocabulary and letters with artifacts. Interact with A to Z or just 15 letters/artifacts (for Pre-K). We finish with a fun game for all. In warmer weather, walk through the ABC garden, too. Program duration 60 minutes; intended for 15-30 students; $6.50 per person; offered November to June.


Kinder Combo: Combine A-Z with Cheddar Measure: Have fun with numbers and letters! Available for one or two classes, alternating between topics. Program duration 90-100 minutes; needs 4-5 adults; special pricing: $7.50 per student, adults $6; offered November to June.

Grade 1

Children’s Chores:  Imagine the world of Michigan’s pioneer children in an authentic 19th century log cabin. Hands-on experiences may include: butter making, hauling wood, carding wool, gathering eggs, shouldering a yoke, and other seasonal activities. (Teachers provide butter making supplies.)(Program substituted or shortened if temperature is below 20 degrees). Program Duration 1.5 hours; designed for 15-30 students; $6.50 per student; we suggest 4-5 chaperones with teacher; program available September – November 30 and April 1 – June.

Grades 1-5

One-Room School:  You are here to learn!  Our 19th century teacher makes the one-room-school experience come alive. Participate in reading, writing, and arithmetic lessons; “feel” the punishments that would have resulted from misbehavior. You may come in old-fashioned clothes to act the part. Program duration 1.5 hours; designed for 15-30 students; $6.50 per student.

Grades 1-8 

Poppleton School:  Students experience a day in a 19th century one-room school. (Teacher is responsible for planning and conducting lessons.) Students may use the books, slates, and toys that are in the schoolhouse. Teachers may borrow schoolbooks in advance by leaving a refundable deposit. The school is available from 9:30am to 12pm or 12:30 to 3pm; seats 15-40 students; must pay for 25 minimum; half day $6.50 per person, full day $12.50 per person. Read letters from 2nd graders who have enjoyed the Poppleton School Program

Grades 4-5

Colonial Review OR U.S. Regions:  In the one-room school, review/introduce the 13 colonies of the east and Spanish possession of the west. Explore U.S. Regions through language, first people, buildings, climate and crops. School punishments are de-emphasized. Designed for 15-30 students; program duration 1.5 hours; designed for 15-30 students; $6.50 per student; offered December – June.

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