Engage your classroom with historical context and THV presenters! We meet many Michigan Citizenship Collaborative Curriculum (MC3) benchmarks and GLCE’s. We welcome everyone to make use of our facility, and look for ways to accommodate many types of learners. Schedule your field trip for these age-appropriate activities for the most rewarding educational experience. We strongly encourage teachers to match guidelines for grade, number of students and chaperones, and length of program. Homeschool groups of ten or more students are also invited to find and register for programs based on age suggestions.

Combos are extended versions of the field days. Some, like Family & School, Toys & Tin, Candles & Cabin are for first through fifth grade. Third through fifth grades will enjoy Commerce & CommunityLife 100 & Primary Sources, or Print & Primary or other combination. Combo duration is 2 hours long, meant for 30-55 students, and $7.00 per person.

Grades 1-3

Family & School: In the log cabin, learn about and participate in pioneer chores. Butter making available on request—teacher provides materials. In the 19th Century Poppleton School show proper respect, experience lessons and “punishments” and a try a recess game. We suggest 4-5 chaperones per class. Offered September – December 5 and April – June.  Please note: Cabin is for Fall and Spring seasons only.

Grades 2-4

Candles & Store: Pair these two make-and-takes for a sense of light before electricity (making a candle) and 1914 shopping comparison in the general store (and making a toy). We suggest a minimum of 2-3 adults per class (besides teacher). Offered December – June.

Grades 4-5

Commerce & Community: Utilize math skills as you “shop” in the General Store. “Touch” history in the form of educational artifacts of the 19-teens. Learn about jobs and wages in the Model-T era. Visit a family home of 1915, learning about home life and challenges for children and adults in the working community. Supervision from 4-5 adults is useful.

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