Dear Friend of the Troy Historic Village:

The numbers don’t lie. The most successful donor appeals request gifts for specific programs and for tangible items that people can see. For example, we know that:

  • It is easier to raise money for five new computers than to raise funds for the monthly internet and phone bills.
  • Members take satisfaction in contributing cash for five hundred pounds of beeswax so that students can create memories making candles when they attend a Village fieldtrip. However, the cost of producing educational and promotional materials must be covered, too.
  • Our donors appreciate our extensive use of volunteer support so that payroll expense can be kept low. Last year THS volunteers contributed over 8,500 hours of service, which is the equivalent of 4 full time employees. But we must also pay our professional staff for the skills and experience required for the quality services and programs they provide at the Village. (Wait until you see what’s coming this summer!)
  • Although we have benefitted from grants provided by various foundations, these funds are restricted for specific projects and programs, and cannot be used for day-to-day expenses like archival supplies and collections care.

The Troy Historical Society has always been honest and transparent with our donors. In that tradition this spring appeal is a simple and honest request for you to support the daily, less exciting expenditures THS faces as administrators of the Troy Historic Village. Please know that your gift is critically important and will be carefully applied to operational expenses. If you have questions regarding our expenditures, we are happy to discuss our budget with you. You can also find our annual report and 2016 audit on our website.

If your employer is in the practice of matching its employee’s charitable donations, we encourage you to bring them on board. To our supporters over age 70 ½ who are required to take minimum distributions from their IRAs, we encourage you to consult your financial advisor regarding possible tax benefits for making your gift in the form of a direct donation to the Troy Historical Society from your IRA.

As always, we deeply appreciate your thoughtful support and your commitment to our shared vision for the Troy Historic Village as an outstanding asset in our regional community.

Thank you for your generosity.

Judy Iceman

Loraine Campbell
Executive Director


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