Blacksmithing Classes at the Village!

The Village offers classes in traditional blacksmithing in our Wagon Shop. Working under the guidance of Resident Metalsmith Rose Weiss, students practice 19th-century forging techniques to create unique works of art. Space is extremely limited; advance registration required: 248-524-3570.

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Blacksmithing Sampler

Step alongside the Village forge and discover what it’s like to ‘make the anvil ring!’ Learn four basic hand forging techniques while making your own square nail just the way it was made centuries ago. Ages 10 to adult. THS Members: $45/student; Non-members: $55/student. Price includes two hours
of instruction and materials.
No prerequisite.

Basic Blacksmithing Level 1

Experience the art of blacksmithing as it was practiced in the 1850s with this six-week introductory course. Build a coal fire, work at an anvil and operate a forge. Discover how malleable iron can be as you make your own hand trowel while learning nine basic hand forging techniques. Ages 12 to adult. Price: THS Members: $270/student; Non-Members: $320/student, includes materials and 15 hours of instruction. Did you take Blacksmithing Sampler at the Village? Save 10% on Basic Level 1! No prerequisite.

Adult-Child Blacksmithing

Together, the two of you will learn how to ‘split a fork.’  Learn four basic hand forging techniques while making your own serving utensil and enjoy the fun of blacksmithing as it was practiced in the 1850s. THS Members: $200/one adult and one child; Non-members: $240/one adult and one child. Price includes materials and 6 hours of instruction.
No prerequisite.

Anvil Time Blacksmithing

Hone the skills you acquired in Basic Blacksmithing Level 1 while working on a project of your choice. Students are encouraged to make something that is meaningful to them. You may choose from a variety of projects or create your own. Come to class prepared to discuss your ideas for this 4 week course.

Ages 12 to adult. Weekend and weekday, morning, afternoon and some evening hours available throughout summer and fall. Price: THS Members: $150/student; Non-members: $190/student. Includes 8 hours of supervised shop time, some materials may be extra. Prerequisite: Basic Blacksmithing Lev. 1.

Coppersmithing Class

What are chasing, repoussage, cold forging, sinking and bouging? How many ways can you stretch copper? What is the process of annealing and why is it so important? You will learn these traditional coppersmithing techniques and more as you experience the fun of transforming copper sheet into a beautiful and useful object of your choice. THS Members: $150/student; Non-members: $200/student. Price includes materials and 12.5 hours of instruction. No prerequisite.

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